Top 10 Tools to Monitor Website Uptime

Just so that we can deliver our products or services without any interruption to our users, we spend tens and hundreds of dollars on our hosting needs, be it the regular hosting environments like BlueHost or A Small Orange or the specialized hosting like WP Engine. But let’s face it, there is no perfect web host and there will be occasional downtimes. Every downtime, be it small or big, results in loss of revenue and customers.

Simply put, uptime is important and you should monitor it.

That being said, you just cannot monitor you website’s uptime manually 24X7. That’s the reason why there are several online tools exist that can monitor website uptime and alter when your website is down. These quick alerts can help you check for any potential problems like server issues, plugins issues, etc.

In case you are wondering, here are some of the best tools to monitor website uptime.

1. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is one of the best uptime monitoring service’s which monitor website uptime from more than 10 locations. Even thought the main monitoring location is at USA – Dallas, it does have nodes in different countries. With the free account, you can monitor up to 50 websites (or “monitors” as called by Uptime Monitor) with five-minute interval between checks. If you want more monitors or lesser time intervals, you need to purchase their PRO plan.

If the service finds any downtime, then it will alert you in different ways including, text messages, emails, twitter, and web hooks.

Monitor Website Uptime - Uptime Robot

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is one of the most famous choice’s to monitor website uptime as it provides the most reliable service with other advanced features like the response times, real user monitoring, detailed reports, etc. With the free plan, you can monitor one website and when there is an incident (downtime), Pingdom will send you instant notifications via SMS or email. The good thing about Pingdom is that it can even give root cause information regarding why the website is down.

Just like the Uptime Robot, Pingdom checks your website every five minutes on the free plan. If you want lesser intervals and more features then you need to purchase one of their paid plans.

Monitor Website Uptime - Pingdom

3. Jetpack’s Monitor

Jetpack is one of the best plugins by the WordPress team with more than 30 different useful modules. The Monitor is one such module that can provide basic uptime monitoring. Jetpack monitors your site in five-minute intervals and when it detects a downtime, it will send you an email notification letting you know the same.

Since Jetpack only sends email notifications, you can use free services like IFTTT to send text messages to your mobile when you receive an email from the Jetpack ( That way, you will also receive instant downtime and uptime notification on your mobile. If you want a simple in-house solution to monitor website uptime then Jetpack is the way to go.

Monitor Website Uptime - Jetpack Monitor

The only bad thing about Jetpack’s Monitor module is that it doesn’t have any customization options and doesn’t store any logs whatsoever. But it just works. So, give it a try if you’ve already installed the Jetpack plugin.

4. Site Uptime

Using the Site Uptime service’s free plan, you can monitor one website with a 30-minute interval between checks. Site Uptime can monitor website uptime from eight different locations and provides comprehensive reports regarding the website uptime and responsiveness. Whenever Site Uptime see’s your website down, it sends you a notifications email.

If you want more features like multiple alert contacts, lesser intervals between checks, and other advanced features, you need to get your hands on the paid plan.

Monitor Website Uptime -Site Uptime

5. is one of the most feature-filled to monitor website uptime as it includes website monitoring, server monitoring, full-page load monitoring, etc. The free account lets you monitor two websites with 30-minutes interval from two different locations. Also, the free version only stores the monitoring logs for 24-hours. If you want increased frequency, extended history logs, and more monitoring locations, then you need their paid plan.

Monitor Website Uptime

6. HyperSpin

HyperSpin is yet another free service to monitor website uptime and with their free option, you can monitor your website with 60-minute intervals. If it detects any downtime, you will receive an email notification instantaneously. The good thing about HyperSpin is that it gives you detailed reports regarding the response times along with the regular uptime reports.

If you want more feature like monitoring from multiple locations, notifications via text messages, etc.., then subscribe to their paid plan.

Monitor Website Uptime -HyperSpin

7. InternetSeer

InternetSeer is one of the oldest website monitoring service. With the free plan, you can monitor website uptime for any number of websites with a 60-minute interval between checks. When there is a downtime, the service will let you know immediately via email and text messages (and via pager too, anyone using?).

Unlike other monitoring services, InternetSeer’s free plan doesn’t support HTTPS and only delivers weekly reports.

Monitor Website Uptime -InternetSeer

8. Montastic

With the free account at Montastic, you can monitor up to three websites with 30-minutes of interval between the checks. Just like any other website monitoring service, Montastic supports, both HTTP and HTTPS and can also verify the presence of the content on a web page. If there is a downtime, then the service will send you instant email notification. Moreover, Montastic also supports HTTP authentication, in case you are using it to secure your website.

If you want to increase the monitoring frequency and number of websites monitored, then subscribe to their premium plan.

Monitor Website Uptime -Montastic

9. 100Pulse

Even with the odd name, 100Pulse is also a service that can monitor website uptime. With the free account, you can monitor up to two websites with the 15 minutes interval between the checks. In the event of any downtime, 100Pulse service can send you instant email and text message notifications. Along with the uptime reports, the service can also track the website response times regularly.

Monitor Website Uptime -100Pulse

10. UptimeSpy

UptimeSpy is yet another popular website monitoring service with some awesome features to monitor website uptime. Some of the best features include root cause analysis, public and email reports, monitoring from multiple locations, geo route alerts, etc. With the free plan, you can monitor one website and when there is a downtime, the service will send you an email notification.

If you want more features then you need to get your hands on their premium plan.

Monitor Website Uptime -UptimeSpy

Bonus: Happy Apps Uptime Monitoring

Unlike other uptime monitoring services in the list, Happy Apps Uptime Monitoring sports modren user interface which focuses on ease of use while provide all the advanced features. With the free account you can monitor up to five websites or apps with five minute interval between checks. Whenever there is a downtime, the service will send you a quick notification email. Moreover, the free account only stores the history for seven days max.

If you want more checks or other advanced features like SSH support or SMS alerts then you need to get your hands on their premium plan.

Monitor Website Uptime - Happy Apps Uptime Monitoring

That’s all for now and hopefully that helps. Of course, if you want to experiment a little, then you can create your own monitoring service using Google Docs. Moreover, If you think I’ve missed any awesome service that can monitor website uptime, then do let me know in the comments below.

Also, do share you thoughts and experiences about the above shared uptime monitoring services.