Security Ninja: A No Nonsense Plugin to Protect Your WordPress Site

If you are running a WordPress site, it is important that you harden your WordPress security. The reason for this is simple. WordPress is pretty popular and there are millions of websites that are powered by WordPress.

This huge popularity and usage make WordPress a viable target for attackers. Many of us know this fact but it doesn’t mean that we are successful in protecting or hardening the site.

To deal with this, there are many WordPress plugins that help protect your site and the Security Ninja is one such plugin. In this article, let us find out the features of Security Ninja and how it helps you in securing your WordPress site.

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What is Security Ninja

Security Ninja is a WordPress security plugin that makes it hard for attackers to compromise your WordPress site. The Security Ninja plugin is available in both free and paid variations. You can download the free version from the WordPress plugin repository.

The thing I like most about Security Ninja is that unlike other plugins, it is not bloated with unnecessary features and nag you to enable this and that. Moreover, it doesn’t make any changes to your site. You have full control over what to and not to implement.

If you want to, you can use this free tool to scan your WordPress site without installing any plugin.

Below are some important features that you will get with the Security Ninja plugin.

Features of Security Ninja

  • Performs daily checks to find any vulnerabilities and holes.
  • Prevention and protection from zero-day attacks.
  • Conducts 40+ different security tests.
  • Extensive and descriptive help on all the tests and their results.
  • You can use the included code snippets for quick fixes.
  • Add-on modules to monitor and tighten the security.
  • Remote Access feature that lets you manage Security Ninja functions of multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Different Modules in Security Ninja

The Security Ninja plugin has five modules that are available for all Pro users out-of-the-box. Here’s what each module does to protect your site.

Core Scanner Module: As most of you know, there are many core files in WordPress and they are important. In case you are wondering, this is important because more often than not, attackers try to hide their malicious code in the core files.

Such that, what Core Scanner module does is it scans for any changes in the core files and reports the changes.



Malware Scanner Module: As the name implies, the malware scanner module scans your site, including your plugins, themes, database, etc., to find any potential malware or suspicious code. The good thing about this module is it performs heuristic analysis and over 20 tests on each file.


Scheduled Scanner Module: Security Ninja makes it easy to scan and fix your site. But it is not that ideal to manually scan your site each and every time. To deal with that, you can use the scheduled scanner module which enables you to automate the scanning and receive emails when it detects the changes or malware.


Even Logger Module: If you are running a multi-author blog or a membership website then you may want to know what’s happening on your site. In those situations, the Event Logger module will help you a lot.

The Event Logger module in Security Ninja can log more than 50events including but not limited to, plugin modifications, log in and log out actions, failed login attempts, post edits, changes in WordPress settings, changes to widgets, etc.


Auto Fixer Module: The Auto Fixer module in Security Ninja helps you apply the quick fixes automatically with just a click or two.

Download Security Ninja

Installing and Using Security Ninja

As I said before, Security Ninja will not change anything on your site and you will have full control. That is what makes the plugin user-friendly and easy to get started with.

Just download the plugin from the official site and install it like any other WordPress plugin. After installing, navigate to “Tools > Security Ninja PRO” to open the plugin settings page.


If this is your first time, the plugin may show you warning messages that the scan has never run. On the settings page, run the first security scan by clicking on the button “Analyze” appearing under the Security Tests tab.


The above action will initiate the scan and once completed, the results will be displayed.


By clicking on the link “Details, tips and help” next to the failed result will take you to the quick fix screen. Here you will find the tips and code snippets that you can use to increase the WordPress security.


From the Core Scanner tab, you can quickly and easily scan your WordPress files for any changes. The good thing is this tab will list all the core files that are modified. You can see the source file by simply clicking on the “View File Source” button.


To scan for malware, you can use the Malware scanner module from the “Malware Scanner” tab. Just click on the button “Scan files for malware” to initiate the scan.


After the malware scan has been finished, you will see all the files that look suspicious to Security Ninja. By clicking on the down arrow button, you can see the flagged code.

However, not every warning you see here is a malware. There might be several false positives. If you think a file is not a malware, whitelist it by clicking on the button “Whitelist File.”


From the Event Logger tab you see all the activities and changes made to your WordPress site. By default, Event Logger will not send you email reports.

If you wish to change this behavior then you can do that by clicking on the button “Settings” appearing at the top of the Event Logger tab. Just select the email notification priority, what events you want to get alerts for and click on the button “Save Changes.”


As I said before, you can automate the scanning process using the Scheduled Scanner module. Just navigate to the “Scheduled Scanner” tab and configure the settings as required.


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All in all, Security Ninja is a neat little tool that can make your site more secure and safe. Moreover, the plugin is easy to use and has all the necessary features you will ever need. So, do give the plugin a try and see if it fits your needs.

You can also download Security Ninja lite from the WordPress plugin repository.

Download Security Ninja

Hope that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the above plugin to secure your WordPress site.

This is a sponsored post and we received compensation in return for writing the review. All though the review is sponsored, all opinions are our own.


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  2. Our team bought the Security Ninja plugin for $200 (extended license). Faced many problems. Wrote in support. They responded at first, but when we asked moneyback because their plugin in some places is either not working correctly or does not work at all, they stopped responding to us. Be careful with these guys, they look like scammers.

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