Never Deal with the Comment Spam Again – Block Comment Spam Even before It Is Posted

I enjoy almost every part of the WordPress site, but for me and most of the other WordPress users, weeding through the spam is one of the greatest issues.

In fact, for this blog, I receive thousands of spam comments every week. Scanning through the spam comments and checking for any false positives (genuine comments by users) takes at least two hours.

Sure, there is Akismet and many other comment spam plugins to combat with spam on WordPress. But the problem with most of these anti-spam plugins is that they take action on spam after they are posted to our system. This approach is good but not efficient.

For a long time, I’ve been searching for a plugin that can block spam even before it is submitted without using any captchas, math or verbal challenges, checkboxes, etc.

And, GoodBye Captcha is one such plugin that keeps spam out of the bay for good.

Note: the plugin has been renamed to WPBruiser.

Features of GoodBye Captcha

GoodBye Captcha is a simple and free plugin to protect your WordPress website from all sorts of spam without using any annoying captcha or other equivalents.

Here are some of the notable features you will get by installing GoodBye Captcha.

  • The plugin’s user interface is pretty minimal and beginner friendly.
  • GoodBye Captcha is completely invisible to the end-user and can effectively eliminate the spam even before it is submitted.
  • Supports WordPress comments form, login form, lost password form, registration form, etc.
  • Since GoodBye Captcha doesn’t use any external APIs or requests, it works with lightning speed.
  • GoodBye Captcha is compatible with Akismet and most of the other anti-spam and form plugins.
  • Minimum and maximum form submission time.
  • Limit on the maximum number of attempts per minute.
  • Unlike other free plugins, GoodBye Captcha devs offer great support on WordPress forum.

Talking about support, when is the last time you’ve seen a WordPress plugin support page full of resolved support tickets?

It is really note-worthy when the plugin developer values their users and provide great support.


Installing and Configuring GoodBye Captcha

To start off, you can download and install GoodBye Captcha like any other WordPress plugin. After installing the plugin, activate it.


Once the plugin has been activated, open up the plugin settings page by clicking on the link “GoodBye Captcha” appearing on the left navigation bar.


The good thing about the plugin is that it is configured optimally out of the box. As you can see, the settings page is divided into a few tabs. The first tab is where you will configure the GoodBye Captcha plugin.

If you want to, you can add your own IP address as most trusted IP address so that it is always whitelisted.


The second tab “WordPress” is where you can enable or disable GoodBye Captcha on various sections of your WordPress site. The optimal settings would be to enable the plugin on WordPress comments form, login form, registration form and lost password form.

If you want to, you can also remove Website URL field and Notes field from the comments form.


If you are using Jetpack’s contact form, you can protect that form from the Popular Form tabs. Just select the checkboxes and you are good to go.


If you are using MailChimp for WordPress or Uji Countdown plugins, then GoodBye Captcha neatly integrates with them. All you need to do is configure them under the Subscriptions tab.


The last tab “Reports” does actually provide reports on spam activity on your WordPress site. The reports are pretty detailed with location, distribution and latest attempts information.


Moreover, if you are using Ultimate Member plugin then you can also configure GoodBye Captcha accordingly from the “Ultimate Member” tab.

When you are done will all the settings, don’t forget to enable the “Test Mode” on the General Settings page to test your current settings.


Once you are confident the plugin is working as it should, you can remove the Test Mode.


As you can see, the plugin is pretty simple but very powerful and useful at blocking spam on your WordPress site. I’ve been personally using it in combination with Akismet and my spam comments and form submissions are reduced to Zero.

Do give the plugin a try and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you will feel happy when you see the spam count as Zero in your WordPress admin dashboard.

That being said, to keep your comments section clean, you can also disable self pingbacks and trackbacks.

Hopefully that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using GoodBye Captcha plugin to reduce spam comments on your WordPress site.


  1. And the one thing you didn’t mention… It’s free.

    Thanks for making us aware that another useful plugin exists. Many of us don’t have time wander through the entire list, looking for something that may or may not be useful ro even safe to use.

    I’ve spent loads of time looking for things that will help and automate as much of my site as possible and articles like this help me no end.

    Many Thanks,

    Steven Lucas, Marketing Mentor

  2. This is a stunning plugin! Thanks for recommendation! Can’t believe my spam folder is finally empty and also blocks all the bots that are trying to force the login.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us

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