GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Not so long ago, GoDaddy released their Managed WordPress hosting platform with some interesting features and affordable pricing. In this quick and detailed review, let us get to know more about what GoDaddy has to offer and how good it is when compared to other managed WordPress hosting platforms.

What is Manage WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is one of the easiest blogging and/or CMS platform available to the date, there is no denying that. But manually managing a WordPress blog can sometimes be tiresome if you just want to focus on producing quality content, building your business, social media marketing and so forth.

To deal with this, you need quality web hosting that is specially crafted for WordPress users and is fully managed by the geeks behind the scenes.

That is called managed WordPress hosting. Almost all the managed WordPress hosting providers will provide a lot of features that are tailored for WordPress and will also take care of several things like installing WordPress, migrating WordPress site, regular backups, WordPress security, caching, general WordPress problems, maintaining servers, etc.

Simply put, managed WordPress hosting reduces the stress of maintaining and protecting a WordPress site and you don’t have to worry about it. You can just focus on building your site or business.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Over the period of time, Godaddy changed a lot and is now providing reliable services while still being affordable. Besides from the regular hosting packages, GoDaddy is now offering the managed WordPress hosting services.

In fact, GoDaddy does everything a managed WordPress host should do and even does some things better in some instances. Whether you want to create a new WordPress site or migrate existing site, GoDaddy’s custom wizard will make it a lot easier and even offers personalized assistance if you ever need.

For starters, there are four different plans to choose from GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting. The plans range from $6.99 to $24.99.

Just like any other managed WordPress hosting platforms, GoDaddy do not place any limit on resource usage but depending on the plan you’ve selected, you are limited in terms of total monthly unique visits, SSD disk space, number of websites you can host, etc.

Once you are done signing up, installing a new WordPress site in GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting is pretty easy and straightforward. In fact, it doesn’t take more than a few clicks.


Even if you want to migrate your existing WordPress site, GoDaddy has a good migration tool at your service. Just enter your current host’s FTP details and GoDaddy will migrate your website in no time.

The great thing about GoDaddy is that you have an option to setup or migrate your WordPress site to a temporary domain. Once you are done and think everything is fine and dandy, you can add your own domain name in place of the temporary domain name.

This temporary domain feature is pretty handy if you are migrating an existing site as you will face no downtime whatsoever.

Besides from all the regular stuff, below are some of the best features offered by GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Features

1. Speed: Since the hosting servers are specially configured to only host WordPress sites, you get the top notch speed and response times. Moreover, GoDaddy uses load-balanced servers with server-side caching and SSDs for storage. The server-side caching ensures that you don’t have to rely on WordPress caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

If you want to, you can also use third-party CDN services like MaxCDN or CloudFlare for increased reliability and speed.

Of course, just like any other managed WordPress hosting provider, GoDaddy blacklisted certain WordPress plugins that duplicate the existing GoDaddy features or that can cause performance issues.

2. Security: Being a managed platform, GoDaddy has its own security team that monitors the servers 24/7 and blocks any unwanted or malicious requests or hack attempts.

Every installed WordPress site on the server is in its own bubble so that even if a WordPress site on the server is compromised for whatever reason, other sites will be fine. Moreover, GoDaddy also performs server-side patches for WordPress so that you won’t run into risks.

3. Clean and Minimal Dashboard: GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting dashboard is pretty minimal and clean. All the different options are categorized accordingly and you can easily find any option you want with just a few clicks.


4. Daily Backups and One-click Restore: Regular backups are an important part of any WordPress site and you should never ignore that job. Even if you ignore, GoDaddy takes nightly backups of your WordPress site and stores them for 30 days so that you can revert back whenever you need.

In case you are wondering, you can restore any backup on any given time with just one-click.


5. Staging Environment: One of the best things about Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting is the Staging Environment. In case you don’t know, Staging environment enables you to make a clone of your website so that you can test any new features, plugins or themes.

With just a click of the button, you will have your own test WordPress site with a temporary domain name. When you are done testing or building on the staging environment, you can easily import those changes.


6. Automatic Updates: GoDaddy will take care of all the core WordPress updates so that you don’t have to worry about the sudden security releases or patches.

7. One-Click Migration Tool: If you want to migrate your existing WordPress site then GoDaddy does provide a handy One-Click migration tool. Just enter your current host’s FTP details and GoDaddy does the magic of migrating your site.

8. Free Domain: If you purchase an annual plan with GoDaddy, you are eligible for a free domain. This is handy if your are just starting a site as you don’t have to spend extra in the name of a new domain.

9. Support: GoDaddy has no live chat support and I wouldn’t bet on their email support. But the phone support is good and no matter what your support issue is, it will be solved in just one phone call. I’ve personally used it a couple times and the representatives are knowledgeable about WordPress and responded quickly.

10. WordPress Walkthroughs and Training Videos: Last but not least, GoDaddy has some pretty useful and basic WordPress training videos that help you configure basic WordPress settings.

Uptime and Site Speed Reports

Now, to the meat of the review. As of writing this, Bloggersignal is hosted on GoDaddy managed hosting platform and I personally never faced an issue. Of course, there are couple downtimes (5 minutes each), but nothing major.

Below is the one month worth of site uptime report from Pingdom. As you can see, there are no downtimes in the last one month. The big response time spikes you see in the below report are completely my doings as I messed with a some plugins.

However, the average response time is pretty good when you compare it with regular hosting providers.


Along with a good uptime graph, site speed is also pretty important and GoDaddy does a good job in this area. As you can see, Bloggersignal is loading under one second. Occasionally, the loading speed spikes to two seconds.

No matter what hosting provider you are with, make sure that your WordPress site loads under three seconds.


What about Cons?

The only cons I could find about GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting are, there is no support for multi-site and you just cannot rely on their email support.


I personally loved how GoDaddy changed the things around and the managed hosting platform is pretty good for anyone who what a hassle-free WordPress experience. GoDaddy takes care of everything from the security to backups to updates so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Particularly, the pricing is really budget-friendly when compared to other managed hosting providers like WP Engine, etc., and you get all most all the features that are special to managed WordPress hosting platform.

Do I recommend this for serious bloggers and business owners? Considering my personal experience – yes, I do recommend GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting.

Get GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Now!

Hopefully that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting.


  1. Hi, Nice article. I am also hosting my blog on Godaddy managed WordPress Hosting. I am also completely agree that I am facing few short duration of downtimes, but nothing serious yet. Can you please suggest me, Should I continue with Godaddy or Move to other hosting like Bluehost India.

    1. Hi Vishwajeet,

      If the downtimes are serious then you should obviously contact the support team. But if they are unable to help then you might want to consider moving. If you want to move your website then I would recommend SiteGround or A Small Orange.

      Personally, I’m not facing any issues with GoDaddy Managed Hosting.

  2. Great review, I’m using godaddy managed wordpress hosting for my own blog as well and the performance and ease of use is indeed very good. I compared them to SiteGround and FastComet in an article at my blog, and it’s doing pretty well in comparison.

    If you are a bit savvy, multisite is possible on GoDaddy. Just add a normal installation, and afterwards take the usual steps for setting-up a multisite.

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    Been browsing this helpful site via Google searches for the last few days since I started looking for a good webhost for my upcoming site (php site, non WP). Decision making has been incredibly hard. And after stumbling on this blog today, I’m once again confused. :( Considered Hostgator long ago, decided against it due to mixed reviews around the web, shocked to find (on another comment elsewhere on this excellent site) about how it is part of a conglomerate (Indian led :O ). Then my search led me to Siteground, eespecially after seeing it rank highly on As I seemingly closed down on it, despite many anxieties due to the non-Indian nature of it, and the fact that all the staff were East European, I discovered a shocking couple of posts about how they are running a major scam, on webhostingtalkforums which completely destroyed my confidence. Sadly, I returned to HG, being unable to find anything else which I could confidently use, and the fact that my developer is also selling a HG Reseller account. Now the only decision to be made was whether to go for the Indian branch or the US/Europe branch, due to nature of my likely customers. And then I found your blog today, and the advice on top, advising against HG.. And now, I’m back to square 1.. :( Btw, can’t see the pic icons for the commentators or the time/date of the comment, the latter being very critical…

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