Download Essential WordPress .htaccess Rule Book

Download WordPress Htaccess Rule Book

.htaccess file in your WordPress site is one the most important file that is responsible for several things from your site’s URL structure to the essential security settings to other optimization tweaks. Not to say, if you are using WordPress then you will definitely come across the .htaccess file at least once.

Besides from the regular stuff, you can do a lot more with the .htaccess file. So, here is an awesome ebook that shows you the essential and important .htaccess rules that improve your WordPress site’s security and performance.

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What is .htaccess

For those of you who are wondering what in the world is the .htaccess file, it is a simple Apache (an open-source web server software) configuration file which resides in your WordPress site’s root directory. WordPress uses this file all the time to instruct and manipulate how Apache should serve files to your users.

This is the file that is responsible for a lot of things in your WordPress site and it every WordPress admins job to get to know about the .htaccess file and some of the important rules and tricks.

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