Effectively Block Spam Comment Bots from Spamming your WordPress Site

Comment spamming is such a task that every website owner nearly breaks his/her neck to manage and throttle down the amount of spam flooding in through their commenting system.

In fact, some WordPress websites receive hundreds and even thousand of spam comments every week and dealing with them manually is quite a task.

If the spam problem isn’t dealt in a correct way, you may lose the search rankings and in the worst case scenario, you may also lose the trust among your website visitors.

The most common tactic used to spread spam comments is to use spam comment bots. These spam bots are so efficient that they can shove in hundreds of spam comments if your website isn’t configured properly. So in this quick article, let us see how to effectively block spam comment bots from spamming your WordPress site.

Block Spam Comment Bots

To stop spam comment bots from getting into your site, all you have to do is to download and install Growmap Anti Spambot plugin by CommentLuv developers.

Once installed, the plugin will add a simple checkbox asking commenters to “Confirm you are NOT a spammer.”


The workings of this plugin is really simple, if a normal user is commenting on your site then the user will select the check box in order to prove that he/she is in fact human.

If it is a bot, then it probably misses the check box and is flagged as spam. But in any case, if you thing the spammers are more specifically targeting your site, then just change the value “CheckBox Name” and you are good to go.


Besides from displaying a check box, Growmap Anti Spambot plugin also implements other anti-spam features like referrer check, maximum comments before moderation, etc.

Apart from these useful features, you can also customize the messages that appear whenever a user misses the check box or a spam bot is flagged.



If you are using WordPress as your CMS or as your blogging software, then Growmap Anti Spambot plugin is a must have. If you use it with the bundled Akismet plugin, your blog will almost be spam free and you will have a peaceful commenting system.

That’s all there is to do and hHopefully that helps you deal with the spam comments on your WordPress site.

Do comment below to share your thoughts and experiences about using the above plugin to effectively reduce spam comments.

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