4 Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Site and Make it More Usable


WordPress by default is well optimized in different levels for different environments. But by installing the below shared plugins, you can take your WordPress site to a next level in terms of speed and usability.

Previously, I have already discussed some of the best plugins to increase WordPress performance and some the best WordPress security tips to strengthen your site security.

This is yet another great collection if you are looking to further enhance your WordPress site. So without further ado, let me share with you the top four plugins that can speed up a WordPress site with just a few clicks.

1. BJ Lazy Load

Graphics like images are one of most used item’s in any WordPress site and as you know, they make up most of the bandwidth and load times.

Generally, whenever you visit a website, the site loads all the images regardless of whether the actual user need them or not.

This method is counter productive and loading all the images at the same time may slow down your site.

To eliminate these situations, you can use a free plugin called BJ Lazy Load.

This simple plugin replaces all your images and content iframes with placeholders and will load them when they are about to be on the visible area of users web browser.


2. Plugin Organizer

It is an open fact that the conflicting plugins and the not-so-well coded WordPress plugins will slow down your site significantly.

As this isn’t enough, WordPress by default loads all the plugins on every page of the site even when they are unnecessary (say like, “Contact Form” plugins).

Well, using a simple plugin like Plugin Organizer, you can improve your site performance as it enables you to override the default WordPress behavior by selectively choosing what plugins to load on web pages.

If you are using a lot of plugins, then do give it a try to get a good performance boost.


3. Digg Digg (Social Media Plugin)

Social media presence is very important for any site and it has become a pretty important thing to enable sharing options to the website visitors. Obviously, the best way to do this in a WordPress site is to install a plugin.

But, most of these social media plugins are not well optimized and will also add so much unnecessary stuff which in turn may slow down your site significantly.

Digg Digg plugin fixes this problem by using the lazy load feature to load the scripts required for the social media buttons.

So, if you are in need of a simple social media plugin then consider using Digg Digg as it is well optimized than any other plugin in that genre.


4. JS & CSS Script Optimizer

Minification of JavaScript and CSS scripts is very much important as it drastically improves the load times of your WordPress site.

This task is well done by JS & CSS Script Optimizer and it also packs all your CSS and JS file into one bundle or group to reduce the HTTP requests and load times.

So, if you have un-optimized JS and CSS files, do give it a try.



All the plugins shared here will dramatically increase your site’s loading times and requests count or size.

It is not required that you should use all these plugins, but do consider using the best one’s for your WordPress site and also keep in mind that heavy plugin usage is always counter productive.

So, these are my choice of plugins to optimize and speed up a WordPress site. What do you think? Share your thoughts and suggestions using the comments form below.

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